Do YOU want to GROW your Practice BIGGER, FASTER and EASIER than ever before? 

Join Us Friday October 16th, 2020 in Irvine, CA

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Grow Your Practice Bigger, Faster, Easier Than Ever Before...

Alpha is the key to your success by staying relevant, cutting edge, and gaining the marketing secrets that have stopped you before...

DO you want to be the most significant, respects, valued and successful doctor in your town?

Different from all other events out there not limited to what we can do because of CE rules...

...Alpha is for business success.

Have you ever wanted to know how the most successful doctors do it? Well we are bringing them in, and they are going to GIVE you the Secrets... so that you can grow your practice bigger, faster, easier than ever before.

We know your time is precious so rather than take a weekend away from family, this event is on a Friday and rather than charging you a fee, we are giving it away for FREE this 1 time ONLY.

You can sit there and blame the insurance companies or yelp or your own bad luck, or you can attend Alpha, learn the inside secrets that the giants have used; that rigged game ends today. Come to Alpha, have the success that you always dreamed of.

Why Now?

Review Wave recently hit the Inc 5000 List at #22 for the fastest growing privately held companies in California, we are working with almost 2000 doctors gaining massive success for them and we want to give back.
I am not sure if or when the next event will be, which is why I urge you to attend this one, get ahead of the crowd so you are not left behind.

This event is designed to rock your mind, unleashing your power and giving you the tools to succeed.

After attending Alpha Dr Lyle saw 589 MORE patient visits and got 13 MORE new patients than the next month compared to the last month...

After attending Alpha, Dr Matt saw 313 MORE patient visits and saw a 10% increase in new patients the next month compared to the last month...

Sign Up... now. Normally $399. BUT for the first 100 sign ups, its FREE 100% FREE!!

Or do nothing, stay the same, do not grow...

Learn and Implement

Absolutely NO C.E.'s

  • No "Bloated Math"
  • ​Real Business Training
  • ​Fully Vetted Speakers
  • No Pay To Play Speakers
  • ​No Jacuzzi Feel Good Sh%t
  • ​Leave With Action Items


Matt Prados

Dr Lyle Koca

Dr Pete Camiolo

Dr Roger Sahoury

Robert Monaco

Katrina Casey

Dr Alex Vidan

Shawn Koca

Dr Ben Rall

Dr Dennis Buckley

Dr Carolyn Griffin

Dr TJ Osborne

Past Speakers

Dr Matt Hubbard

Jonathan Mcalees

Dr David Fletcher

When: October 16th, 2020

 7:30 AM - Registration Start

8:00 AM - Event Start

5:00 PM - Event End

Where: Irvine, CA

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"In my 30 years as a Chiropractor, ALPHA was one of the most authentic, heartfelt, inspiring, valuable, and transformational seminars I have attended! You need to be there next time. I know you will thank me for it."

Dr Fabrizio Mancini - President Emeritus of Parker Seminars and University, best selling author and speaker and media personality. 

"As the owner of Genesis Chiropractic Software, I have been working with Review Wave since their early days and it has been amazing how they have grown, both in terms of product development and the experience they create for their clients. Alpha is a one of a kind event. Every speaker brings something unique to help you build your practice and inspire you to make a huge impact in your community. It is a can't miss event."

Dr. Brian Capra - Owner of Genesis Chiropractic Software

"The Review Wave Alpha 1 event was awesome!! The Review Wave team coordinated and executed extremely well. The speakers were on point with their messages and the energy in the room was awesome!"

 "The biggest impact for my office personally was the Review Wave presentation by Matt P and his deep dive on all the products and capabilities that they are offering on top of what I was already using. Review Wave offers so much value that I didn’t know existed and I wasn’t taking advantage of in my office. This event allowed me to go home and instantly use the Review Wave platform more efficiently. I will definitely be at their future events! "

Dr Mark Mouw

"We recently attended the Alpha review event. As a client with multiple practices, we have found the return on investment, the value that the review wave team ads, to be above and beyond why we initially hired them, which was to simply get more Google reviews."

"We came away from the alpha event not only having a deeper understanding of the different products that are already available to us from the review wave team such as online scheduling, but also being introduced to their network of other business owners that have well established solutions and solid reputations for other challenges we have had with our practices."

"The event was top notch and one that we will continue to attend"

Dr Allen R Miner - President Health Quest Chiropractic

"I am so thankful to have been included in Review Wave's Alpha 1, January 2020. Matt, Dr Brian, and the entire RW team handled every detail like seasoned professionals! It was very apparent that the RW culture is one that promotes individual expression of excellence, kindness, and service first! Alpha 1 united ALL attendees from the RW team, speakers, attendees, and sponsors.

 "I gravitate to INCLUSION and Alpha 1 knocked it outta the park! My team and I are already stoked for the next Alpha 1!! When registration opens, grab your ticket and one for several friends too. I'll see ya there!!!"

Dr Barbara Eaton

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Money Back Guarantee Work?

If you attend this event and for any reason do not think that you will make 20x your invest in 2020, just let us know and we will refund your entire ticket price.
What is Chiropractic Math?

Chiropractic Math is a term that describes the inflated numbers that way too many people use when talking about their success. We believe that people should just be honest.
What kind of action items will I have?

In this event our speakers will share their successful actions, not every action will apply to you today based on your current level of success. So your items will be customized based on your needs.
What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Our team will be on site, can be reached via email support (@) or phone at (800) 563-0469.