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Our happy clients

How Review Wave is making a difference in our clients’ businesses.

“With the help of Review Wave, we have doubled our online reviews. Reviews are the golden key to the growth. Review Wave is very easy to use, and patients really enjoy the simplicity it creates for them to write a review. Reviews just got simpler.”

Jerry Jones
CEO Wellness Springs Dental

“Terrific program! Review wave is intuitive, easy to use, and very effective. I have been in a healthcare delivery practice for approximately 30 years and now, thanks to Matt and Review Wave, I finally have feedback from patients. An asset to the practice and well worth it!”

Gary D. Schwartzberg

Get New Reviews On AutoPilot!!

Our easy to use system takes the heavy lifting out of gathering valuable customer feedback in order to keep your customers happy and create a positive online business reputation.

Review Wave Product Demo

The ease of use for our staff AND (more importantly) our patients is fantastic. We have not had so many reviews in such a short time since we began using this great product 60 days ago. I highly recommend it.

Kurt Markva
Operations Manager
Fauquier Hearing Services

Dashboard is incredibly straight-forward. The ease of use and integration options have made it easy for our clients to jump in and start using the platform immediately, and they are seeing excellent results! The customization options for all templates give us the flexibility to tailor our message to our specific audiences. Customer support has been fantastic!

Patti White
Content Specialist, Audigy

Review Dashboard

With our marketing software you can see your key performance indicators for getting reviews all in one simple dashboard. Reviews Requested, Requested Opened, Feedback Given, Major Review Sites Visited and Total Reviews.

Review Monitoring Sites

Review Monitoring on Major Sites

With our marketing software you can easily see your progress for any given time period for each major review site including Google and Facebook. How many Reviews Total, New Reviews and Average Rating per review site.


Marketing Automation

You should ask everyone for feedback, but more importantly, you want to get as many answers from everyone you do ask as possible. So with our marketing automation, you can automatically send reminders based on the persons actual progress in your feedback sequence.

Request Reviews and Reminders

You may not want to automatically ask everyone for feedback and you may not want to automatically remind everyone either so with our marketing software we provide a simple 1 click reminder system that can be used to remind people that you specifically want to ensure you get feedback from.

“Using Review Generation software we have gone from a few dozen reviews to over 100 reviews in just a few short months.”

Regional Manager

“Review Wave Automation is Awesome 9 reviews in the first 7 days! Thank you Matt for making this!”

Sean Tarpenning

Integration Partners

Working with some of the best appointment scheduling softwares in the world we have built relationships and integrations with them so that you don’t have to lift a finger to ask every single person for feedback. With our software connecting the dots you sit back and see the feedback come in.

Post Reviews To Facebook With Our Marketing Program

Our marketing software program provides you with a simple tool that you can enable which will allow you to post your new reviews to your Facebook business page giving you cross promotion and great content on your Facebook page.

Post Reviews To Your Website With Our Marketing Program

Want to display your reviews on your website? You absolutely should… and our marketing program makes it super easy to do so! Display your Google and Facebook reviews together or individually in separate sections.

Review Badge

Sometimes people don’t go to the area on your website that you have decided to display your reviews on. With this option in our marketing program you can display your reviews at all times in the corner of your website using our Review Badge.

Satisfaction Surveys

With our marketing program our 100% customizable surveys give you the power to ask your customers exactly what you want to know.  This also gives your customers the chance to give you their valuable feedback, allowing you to find out how you are doing on your key performance indicators from your clients, customers or patients point of view.

Get Measurable Results With Our Marketing Program

Any software, tools or even the employees you have should always be measured. Using Review Wave, and our marketing program you will have exact measurable results that you can use to see how the software is working for you and how happy you are making your clients, customers or patients. With that information you can take the right actions to improve your business, office or practice.

What does a Feedback Request look like?

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