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Does this sound like you?

My receptionist is on the phone all day instead of helping patients.

When it comes to booking appointments, your staff is busy receiving calls all day or chasing leads who showed some interest through email… but then fell through the cracks and never reply.

Review Wave reduces inbound calls by more than 70% thanks to fast online booking. This frees your staff to take care of patients standing right in front of them… ensuring you get more 5 STAR reviews.

But don’t worry, new leads can only select appointment slots you allow… and they can reply to texts if they need to make changes. That way, you stay in control of your schedule and reputation.

I’ve tried everything to get reviews and wasted so many hours trying every tactic out there. How is this different?

You have happy patients. You’ve been in business for years… and yet, your review numbers never go up.

That’s because you depend on patients to leave you reviews… and “I’ll do it when I get home” never pans out. Review Wave sends automated emails and texts that make leaving reviews a quick 3-step process.

Best of all, if you get a bad review, you can reply to your patient before they post online.

I see patients once or a few times but it’s hard to provide lifetime care.

Lifetime care requires a special type of relationship between patient and practitioner. You are in control when you see patients face-to-face but can’t possibly text or call every patient you see to ensure they come back for preventive care.

Review Wave was designed to send personalized campaigns that show you care for their well-being and keeps you top of mind next time they need help.

Each message sent by Review Wave uses long code so patients see it’s from your office. Messages are personalized with your brand and unique personality… to ensure a White Glove experience from day 1.

Last time I tried to install software in my office, it was a mess. I’m hesitant to try new technology…

Review Wave was designed by top-level developers, using real-life business cases, and use-case reviews from practitioners. That means, Review Wave is super powerful in the background… but super simple to use.

And we are continually innovating and improving our design with your feedback.

Our support team staff is 4X larger than our closest competitor. Which means you get unparalleled customer service from the moment you install Review Wave.

So don’t worry if technology intimidates you, we got your back for life!

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White Glove Automation
A Low-Risk Investment with Huge Returns

How many patients do you see per day?

What’s stopping you from seeing more?

Growth adds stress to your practice. Which requires big-risk investments like…

Hiring more staff…

Hiring a partner…

Or leasing new office space…

Before you make a big-risk investment, Review Wave is the low-risk way to get a consistent flow of patients walking through your doors!

How Review Wave turns ON patient flow.

Our most popular package includes all the core marketing automation required to bring in more patients… and keep them flowing through your office.

Better communication…

Better retention…

Better experience…

For the fraction of the cost of a new hire… Review Wave can:

DOUBLE your leads… DOUBLE your PVA… and DOUBLE your free time!

Find out how below.

Hear How Review Wave Is Revolutionizing Professional Practices In Your Area

Dr. Marc Gottlieb
Dr. Peter Martone
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How Does The Money Back Guarantee Work?

Subject to our Terms of Service you simply complete your Review Wave Account set up within seven days of registration and you run the software for at least twenty-one days and if you are not happy in the first 30 days you may cancel the annual subscription plan by giving us written notice at of your intention to cancel the annual subscription plan and request a refund.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

Yes. Since we allow users to send emails and text messages we have to make sure we have real people and avoid spam.

Do you support multiple review sites?

Yes. We tell most clients to focus on Google and Yelp but we give each customer the opportunity to promote ANY review site of their choosing.

Can you guarantee I won’t get bad reviews.

No, actually it’s the opposite. Our system will help you get feedback from unhappy patients, allowing you to hopefully fix the problem before they leave a negative review.

Is there a setup fee?

We do have a set up fee of $299.

How long are your contracts?

Our Contracts are annual but billed monthly.

Are there any additional fees?

There are usage fees if you go above the 10000 texts per month or if you send greetings cards.

Can I choose my own phone number to text from?

Yes you can absolutely choose to use your own landline number and its part of the simple set up.

Where do my reviews get published?

We keep track of your feedback but the reviews get published on the review sites that your clients choose based on your choice of sites to promote.

What if I need more than 10000 texts per month?

No problem, additional requests are simply billed as overages at 2 cents per text. These are billed on your renewal date for the prior 30 days.

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