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Review Wave vs Zingit
Why Go With Review Wave vs Zingit?
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we’d just like to give a quick nod to the team at Zingit. They’ve built a product to help businesses and that's something we can appreciate. No question about that. The question is: which service is the best choice for your practice success, Review Wave or Zingit? Well, if you're here to evaluate Review Wave vs Zingit, or you're looking for a Zingit alternative, then you’re already making the right choice by finding a product that will help you have more conversations with your patients. So, what’s the difference between Review Wave and Zingit? Sure, there are features and product stuff that’s very different between the 2 companies (which we get into further down this page if you’re interested).


The founding team at Zingit started 9 years ago and well, frankly, got lazy and didn’t innovate. Meanwhile, the founding team at Review Wave has been building and innovating non-stop for 3 years and is growing faster than any other company in our category. So, long story short: if you’re a doctor or a clinic manager who is looking for a product built to help you generate more new patients, increase patient engagement, decrease your no-show rate, and you want a company that understands YOU and will provide full-time support, then you’re in the right place. We created Review Wave and the category of Patient Engagement for YOU! Come on in. The water is warm.

Matt Prados CEO Review Wave
Matt Prados
CEO, Review Wave
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Need more convincing? I totally get it. So, the rest of this page is for you. We sat down with a few of our top sales reps and our best customer success managers to help write this page. We asked each of them: “Hey, if you had to put a page up on our website, breaking down the top reasons why people pick Review Wave vs. Zingit, what would you say?” They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.

Review Wave Team


Reasons Why Companies Chose Review Wave...
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The features you need, without the headaches.

Review Wave can handle your business texting, appointment reminders, online scheduling, marketing automation, and most importantly, all with heroic support! Zingit’s support doesn’t have the best reputation. Yikes.


Read more about our Features here.

So easy to use, your grandma could navigate it.

Because Review Wave is built for doctors' offices who care about their patient experience, we wanted to keep you focused on what needs your attention most: your patients! So, we pulled from our extensive backround in user experience to design a system so easy to navigate and automate, your grandma could do it.


Learn more about our Ease of Use.

Personalized customer service that's reliable.

One of the limitations of Zingit is that it was not built specifically for office to patient communication. An example of this is evident in their use of short codes. Not only are short codes the leading cause of text spam, but they also provide a really poor patient experience. With short codes, your patients never feel like they're talking with a real person. Plus, we built integrations that go beyond just syncing data. With Review Wave, you can easily use the data from your EHR to send personalized messages to patients before, during, or after they visit your office, helping to enhance your overall patient experience.


Learn more about our Reliability.

You deserve honesty and transparency.

Zingit promotes that it has features that it doesn’t have, such as online scheduling, which is pretty sketchy. Not to mention, Zingit tries to use scare tactics all the time to convince users to choose them over superior software. For instance, they've preached short codes for a long time, saying that texting laws say that using a short code vs long code makes a difference on the intent of the message and you should run from anything that says it's okay to use long code (otherwise known as "real phone numbers"). Why? Because Zingit only used short codes, which are actually intended for bulk messaging only. Now all the sudden, they offer both short and long codes. Why the change of heart? Another tactic they use to try to convince people to buy their service is slander. In an attempt to ruin our reputation, they try to claim Review Wave was started for restaurant businesses. LOL! We have never worked in the restaurant industry a day in our lives.


*Review Wave actually syncs with your EHR every 5 minutes or faster ;-)

Learn more about our Transparency.

You deserve heroic support!

We are a company that thrives on your success. You can trust in the fact that we’ve got your back. We’re built for this, and because of that, we have over 2 times the support team of Zingit. Interestingly enough, Zingit has been around 3 times longer than we have and still chooses not to invest in YOU by growing their support team. What do their x-staff have to say:

Learn more about our Heroic Support.

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We Wrote The Book On Patient Experience Marketing


Whether you’re a customer or someone just stopping by to learn more about Zingit alternatives, we couldn’t have created this category without you. Thank you. Interested in learning more? Let’s have a conversation.

See What People Are Saying About Patient Experience Marketing
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384 reviews
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“Been using all of Review Wave services for a long time. They handle 100% of our marketing. Every feature they’ve added has resulted in more leads and more business. Online scheduling and automated reviews work amazing and integrate with our office softwa...” View Allre. Customer support is very responsive and handles any issues we have quickly. Bottoms line is we get a fantastic ROI every month. Highly recommend”
This is the review and automated messaging system we have been waiting for!!
Our reviews have boosted up! This is the easiest thing and the most productive thing we've every done for our ratings!
Great way to streamline our review process! Easy to use, texting is awesome to. Getting more reviews and love that they automatically post to our facebook page.
Great service, wonderful products, good price

How do we compare on Google?

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Zingit has been around 3 times as long as we have and yet, has 7.6% the number of reviews as us. One of which is: “It didn’t end up costing me when I switched to another service.” - OUCH!

Review Wave Is #1 in Patient Experience Marketing

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didn’t just write the book on Patient Experience Marketing: based on real customer reviews and feedback, people said Review Wave beat out Zingit in all of these categories:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • Ease of Set-Up
More Video Reviews Than Any Other Software Company In Our Space!

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Dr. Zsolt Egey-Samu
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Dr. Dean DePice
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Dr. Roger Sahoury
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We’ve helped 5,000+ companies improve their customer experience.

Let’s see how we can help your business.

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Matt Prados: CEO

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Todd Crowe: CTO

Kirsten Prados Kirsten Prados

Kirsten Prados: CFO

Tosh Swain Tosh Swain

Tosh Swain: COO

Dr. Brian Johnston: VP of Sales

Austin Daugherty Austin Daugherty

Austin Daugherty: Director of Sales

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Cole Boghossian Cole Boghossian

Cole Boghossian: Account Executive

Kyle Wood Kyle Wood

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Roo: Head of Security and Surveilance


Winnie: Treat Disbursement Officer

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