How to Create a Successful Reactivation Strategy

It’s easy to focus all your efforts on attracting new patients, and while acquiring new patients is important, so is patient retention. What good is attracting new patients if you can’t retain them? The probability of re-selling your services to an existing patient is 14x higher than the probability of selling services to someone completely […]

Keeping Up With The Care Plans

We can’t all be like The Kardashians and have a full entourage of staff to follow us around everyday and make sure we stay on track. But, you can have a personal assistant to track patient information and Care Plan compliance, called Mission Control, who is even better than an entourage (and much less annoying […]

The Wizarding World of Web Chats

We’ve all been here, to this awful place where time seems to stand still…it’s called being placed on hold. Isn’t it the worst? One of the best ways to put someone in a bad mood is to ask them to hold. We all have busy lives, no one’s got time for that! Our Web Chat […]

Reviews Just Got Even More Important

It’s no secret that reviews are the key to growing your business. If you don’t have a significant amount of reviews, people will not come to see you. It’s that simple! Gaining more reviews will boost your sales, improve retention and increase your bottom line. But now, not only are reviews necessary for your growth, […]

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